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Partnership with for Comic Book Proceeds

Hailed as “Africa’s James Brown,” Sila has made an immediate and lasting impact on the music world. As a 2010 NAACP Award winner for his last record, Sila has delved deep into his soul, taking cues from his musical idols Fela and Bob Marley to create a fiery new record that resounds with inspiration and positivity while speaking to issues of adversity and struggle. Set to hit February 25, SuperAfrican boasts rhythms and a groove that are so uniquely Sila that it will no doubt have you dancing through each and every listen.

Sila will also be releasing a comic book titled SuperAfrican, which visually explores many of the same themes and ideas that are woven throughout his album. The comic book, written by Eric K. Arnold, focuses on a young African superhero who takes on villains in African settings, from refugee camps to diamond mines. Sila's’s goal is to offer youth in Africa a superhero who not only looks like them, but also fights the evils they know all too well. All net proceeds from the sale of the comic book will go to, a non-profit organization that provides a self-sustaining medical clinic that promotes safe birthing environments; family and financial planning; and trade, craft and agricultural education in Kirindi, Uganda. OneMama’s goal is to raise funds to build a library for its community center, where youth and adults can obtain books and other reading materials not only for entertainment but also for education and health-related information.

The Kenyan-born artist, who has lived in San Francisco for the last decade, harked back to his childhood in a rural village near Nairobi for inspiration while making the new album. The result is a twelve-track offering that shimmers, pulses and throbs with earnest and heartfelt expressions of American pop, R&B, soul and funk, filtered through an Afropop prism. SuperAfrican features all live instrumentation and showcases the contributions of world-class Bay Area musicians, including members of Santana, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Sting, and Jazz Mafia, among others.

With SuperAfrican, Sila has made an album suitable for making love, wrestling lions, or enjoying a night out. It’s the latest step in a journey that has taken him from Africa to the United States to Europe, and back again, while allowing him to share his own story with the world.

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